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True Blue Napa Valley - A resplendent residential community situated enroute to KempeGowda International Airport. It boasts of an amalgamation of eco-friendly living and aristocratic facilities. A series of breathtaking villas, panoramic green landscapes and a multitude of thoughtful amenities that are the execution of fantasies. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, the villas imbibe the aura of Santa Barbara style coastal California along with medieval Spanish mansiones.

water Supply

Water Supply

Ground water plus Kaveri water

Luxury Club

Luxury Club

Private luxury club for your leisure

internal customisation

Internal Customisation

Full customisation allowed internally

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Green open spaces for natural environment

light and ventilation

Light and Ventilation

Plenty of light and ventilation in the villas

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Concierge services available at the club

Business Community

Business Community

Great business community

Cinema Theatre

Cinema Theatre

20 seated movie private cinema theatre

working space

Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces and conference rooms available for work from home


An array of amenities that redefine the purpose of life

The whole premise has minute integration of thoughtfully designed amenities
- both natural as well as modern that infuse your life with the extravagance of
royal treatment.

Amenities Outdoor & Indoor
Indoor Amenities
Outdoor Amenities
Tennis Court
Infinity Pool


The premised proudly boasts one of the largest greenhouse farms in the whole of Bangalore city, thereby giving the residents a healthy supplement of chemical-free green veggies.
The mechanized drip irrigation system is the lifeline of the whole greenhouse farm. The ergonomic design of the irrigation system can water the farm and gardens on its own without any human interference or watch.
Greenhouse farming is further bolstered by the inclusion of state-of-the-art Hydroponics to make the whole Napa Valley community self-sufficient on horticultural requirements.



Transparency and Commitment are key to building trust.

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